God, humanity, the earth and climate change…

Wide-Open Soul

I was asked to speak on the ‘theology of action on climate change’ at an event a few days ago. In preparing, I realised that’s quite a big remit! I narrowed the question down to focus on what our relationship to the rest of creation should look like from a Biblical perspective. This can guide us on what our attitude and approach to the rest of creation should be, but obviously doesn’t touch on our ethics (for example, thinking what it means to ‘love our neighbour’ in this context), and what our heart response or outward actions should look like.

Here are my thoughts on three Biblical principles that can help us understand ourselves and our relationship with creation:

1. ‘Dominion’

A lot of Christian responses to climate change and ecology speak about ‘stewardship’. Whilst I don’t think that’s wrong necessarily, and I do recognise that that teaching has real…

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