PRESS RELEASE: Call for ‘cloud of witnesses’ to support Christian climate protesters on trial for whitewashing the walls of the Department for Energy and Climate Change


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Contact: Ruth Jarman 07970 907784 / 01252 849904


Supporters of action against climate change are invited to gather in front of Hammersmith Magistrates Court at 9am on Tuesday 31st May to pray and vigil as five Christian climate activists go on trial for whitewashing the walls of the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).


On the first day of the Paris climate conference in November of last year, five members of Christian Climate Action exposed the hypocrisy of the Department of Energy and Climate Change by whitewashing its walls, and rebranded it the Department for Extreme Climate Change in black paint.  The protesters were arrested and charged with criminal damage.


One of the five, Westley Ingram, said,


‘We stand everyday before a Judge who holds us to account.  This day in court must be considered in this light.  There are two judges, two laws and two authorities ruling on our actions and one must be subservient to the other.  The conduct of this government through DECC is on trial today as well ourselves.  We encourage Christians to consider whether civil disobedience may be considered holy obedience when the law of the land is in conflict with the law of love as exemplified by Jesus Christ.’


The group has received support from a number of theologians.  The scholar, writer and broadcaster, Professor Alastair McIntosh said,


‘Christian Climate Action is a howl of prophetic protest against the kings of our time, who have turned their backs on caring for the Creation, and imagine they can do so with spiritual impunity.’


Professor Tim Gorringe said,


Wendell Berry speaks of organized Christianity as a “respecter and comforter of profitable iniquities”. This includes war, in all its forms, which is blessed and hallowed in every Cathedral and in most parish churches, and support for an economic system which threatens to make human life on earth impossible. Both in contradiction of every single line of the Messianic Writings. To be Church, which is disciples of Jesus of Nazareth, is to protest these blasphemies and to call for a politics and an economy which is answerable to the God of Life.’




Contact: Ruth Jarman 07970 907784 / 01252 849904



  1. More information, including statements of support and photographs can be found on our web site:
  2. A video of our action:
  3. The letter handed into DECC at the time of the action:
  4. The statement read out by one of the five, Ruth Jarman, at her police interview following arrest:

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