How you can support CCA


On 31st May five members of CCA are standing trial for rebranding the Department of Energy and Climate Change(DECC) the ‘Department for Extreme Climate Change’, in an attempt to expose the fact that DECC’s actions on climate change do not match up to its fine words (read more about what we did here). There are many ways you can support us even if you have not been able to take part in direct action with us yourself-

  1. Make a noise about what the government is doing – our whitewashing action was only small, and the government is still heading fast in the wrong direction on climate change, supporting fossil fuels and cutting support for renewables, efficiency and the green economy. We did what we did to expose the truth behind the DECC’s claims on climate. But if we want to really make a difference, we need as many people as possible to speak up about it and not let it continue uncontested. Write to your MP (template email here), the DECC (template letter here), and tell others what’s happening.
  2. Pray the dangerous prayers – pray for us standing trial on 31st May. Pray the Spirit will be evident in us, and will speak the truth through us. Pray for courage. Pray for clarity. Pray God will be made known more fully. Pray for us as we decide where to go from here. But – we also challenge you to pray earnestly about your own response to climate change; where is God wanting you to get involved? Where might Christ be calling you? Are you prepared to make sacrifices if necessary? What price would you be willing to pay to truly follow Him? Pray the dangerous prayers bravely and honestly, and be open to seeing them answered.
  3. Give to our solidarity crowdfunder – if you are behind what we did and want to stand alongside us as we face court costs and possible fines for exposing the deadly truth behind the government’s climate whitewash, even if you were unable to take part yourself you can join with us in paying the court costs by donating to our crowdfunder here.
  4. Join the vigil outside court on 31st May – we are on trial on 31st May, and would love as many people as possible to come along and support us. We will be holding a prayer vigil outside court (full details here), either just drop in to show your support or come for the day.
  5. Join CCAget in touch if you think you’d like to be involved in future

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