Prayer and public witness against fracking

2017-06-09 21.41.55

We travelled around the Midlands yesterday, praying at potential fracking sites:

On Tuesday 22nd August, members of Christian Climate Action drove to sites in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire to publicly pray against local plans to explore for oil and gas.  

Members of the local community were grateful for their presence.

‘I hope it works – we have been praying since January!’ said a passing driver as the group stopped to pray at a site in Marsh Lane, the first site in Derbyshire that has submitted a planning application.  

At Tinker Lane, the second site in Nottinghamshire that has been granted planning permission for an exploratory well, the group met a member of the local opposition group.

The final stop was Shirebrook Woods – a Forestry Commission-managed part of Sherwood Forest.

‘Surrounded by beautiful countryside, it was easy to give thanks and praise for God’s creation,’ said Christian Climate Action’s Ruth Jarman. ‘But it was hard to imagine a 60m high drilling rig towering over the fields and forests, a symbol of the utter folly of continuing to explore for more oil and gas when we must leave 90% of all known reserves in the ground to maintain abundant life on earth as we know it. It felt right to be here.  We prayed for strength and perseverance for the local opposition groups and for repentance and conversion of people in the gas companies and government, and all of us, as we seek to learn to live within our means in God’s earth.’

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