On Monday 4th December, 12 noon, Pope Francis and Martin Luther visited the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to call for a radical reformation of the economy, to protect human-kind and abundant life on earth.

IMG_7794.JPGIt is the third year in a row that CCA has visited the department responsible for climate change to remind our government of their commitments under the Paris Agreement.

We visited BEIS because we disagree with the premise of the department, that climate instability should be solved as part of a strategy for economic growth.  We don’t think that the threat to the viability of life on earth should be dealt with within an immovable economic ideology, but should be the number one priority, choosing the economic system that is fair and just and gives us the best chance of survival. As Pope Francis has said, ‘money should serve, not rule.’

IMG_7806While we welcome some elements of the recent, hugely delayed, Clean Growth Strategy, it just isn’t enough to meet the Climate Act targets, let alone the Paris targets that are required to give ‘future generations a fighting chance.’  

It seems to us that the short-term health of the economy is being prioritised above the health of the planet.  The state of the earth is desperate. We have all the information, science and technology to lead the world away from the cliff-edge of climate instability towards a sustainable future for God’s creation and coming generations. Whether we have the time is debatable. We must act now.

IMG_7838.JPGAt noon on December 4th, Pope Francis and Martin Luther witnessed to the truth that BEIS is currently failing in its job of protecting the climate and called for a radical reformation of the economy.  There was also a vigil to pray for the department and for our country, and all of us, to do what is required to protect God’s earth.

IMG_7889.JPG The litany for the earth was said while Martin Newell (50) and Phil Kingston (81) wrote ‘Radical Reformation of the Economy now’ and ‘Stop Climate Chaos’ in red paint on the department’s plaque.

Martin and Phil chatted and prayed until the police came, but the department decided not to press charges at this time.



This is the letter that we handed in to the department.

The drama script that was performed is here.

We handed out this leaflet to passers-by.

Here is the press release.



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