Agenda for Training Day

We have an agenda for our training day! There are still spaces for anyone who would like to come and it’s free (donations towards room hire welcome). No prior experience of direct action necessary. Sign up here.

Christian Climate Action Training Day

23rd February 2019. 10am-6pm

St Georges Bloomsbury. 6-7 Little Russell Street, London, WC1A 2, United Kingdom

10am: Prayer

10:05: Our experiences so far: a chance for everyone to share where they have come from

10:30: Christian Climate Action history

10:40: Extinction Rebellion history

10:50: Prayer: focus on sorrow and repentance

11am: What does the Bible say about non violent direct action

12pm: BREAK

12:10pm: Exercise: I could do that if…’

1pm: LUNCH: bring and share

2pm: Prayer and worship

2:20pm: Workshops. Choose from:

  • A time to contemplate runaway climate breakdown
  • Strategies used by XR

3:00pm: Loving our enemies

3:25: Where we go from here

3:50: BREAK

4pm: Planning an action

5:20pm: Closing Payer

5:30pm: END

5:30pm-6pm: clear the venue

One thought on “Agenda for Training Day

  1. Frits ter Kuile says:

    Hello, I am a Catholic Worker from Amsterdam. I imagine sitting in a bus on april 15 to go to a long and painfully waited for dental operation with and for Yasem, my illegalized Christ guest. We get jammed in traffic and he misses his operation and will have to suffer a lot longer. The bus driver says it’s Christians and others rebelling for the climate. I google and read a scheme how our suffering in the bus is to create economic pressure to get an assembly to tell the government to tell the truth …. I go to the XR code of nonviolence and find familiar sentences like “We use non-violence to reveal the true perpetrators of systemic violence that people suffer from daily all over this world”. But when I look up from my phone, I see a lot stress with my fellow passengers and I wonder, how do these Christian rebels reveal the true perpetrators of systemic violence by inflicting all this suffering I see around me in the bus? Would anyone on the bus be open to support these rebels in their cause or love the name of Jesus because of this? I see the contrary in the eyes of my fellow passengers and my heart saddens.
    Nothing to do stuck in the traffic so I google a bit more and I read these Christian rebels justify inflicting this ‘minor’ suffering on their brothers and sisters to save us from the big suffering that they see coming if they don’t and the climate fails. My civil disobedient climate activist 21 year old daughter calls and I share this with her and she comments that “fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity”, no matter what window dressing you use.
    If it were black block squatters or yellow jackets doing these things in the name of their theories and heroes, I would shrug my shoulders, but now it is my beloved Catholic Worker family & other direct action Christians abusing the language & tactics of nonviolence to inflict the suffering I see in the bus and all around me in the streets of London and causing drivers to lose control of their anger and stumble into sin by inflicting yet more suffering, even unto death, on the 10.000 or more half or unprepared XR recruits, all in the name of Jesus & Gandhi and I am left bewildered.

    Frits ter Kuile, looking forwards to meet some of you at Giuseppe Conlon House next week or during the vigils in front of the court on March 1 and 4


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