Vigil and Direct Action at Heathrow Express

A direct action protest was held on Good Friday outside the Heathrow Express at Paddington Station during the XR International Rebellion. Members of Christian Climate Action held a vigil and used chalk spray paint on the Heathrow Express train to call for government action on climate change and highlight the part played by the aviation industry.

Fourteen members of Christian Climate Action held a Good Friday service in front of the Heathrow Express train. The group sung hymns, read the passion narrative and prayed for creation, sitting around a banner reading ‘Flying Crucifies Creation’.

After the service, two members of CCA – Phil Kingston, 83, and Sheila Kingston, 80, crossed the barriers and sprayed the Heathrow Express train with chalk paint Extinction Rebellion symbols and climate change messages, including ‘Flying Crucifies Creation’.

A ten year old girl, Elsie Luna, was standing at the barriers of the Heathrow Express with a sign for Phil and Sheila, reading ‘Thank U for giving up your freeness for my laterness’. 

Police came and escorted both of them off the premises.

phil heathrow.jpegPhil Kingston, a grandfather and former parole officer from Bristol said:

‘This act is for my grandchildren. They mean the world to me and my heart breaks for the terrible inheritance that we are leaving them. Why are we expanding Heathrow when we are in a climate emergency?’

Sheila Kingston, a grandmother and retired teacher said:

‘It is crucial that governments hear this important message this Easter. We are doing this because we are desperate. I don’t know what else to do to make them listen?’

Photo credits: Holly-Anna Petersen/Christian Climate Action 

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