Speech from on top of a DLR train

Five members of Christian Climate Action have been arrested for climbing on top of a DLR train, during a peaceful protest to challenge the financial district to take responsibility for its role in climate catastrophe.

dlr-2Those arrested are: Ruth Jarman, 55 year-old mother of three, Phil Kingston, 83 year-old grandfather, Nick Cooper, 36 shoe cobbler, Ian Bray, and Richard Barnard, 45. They stood on the train roof for two hours, before voluntarily getting off.

Richard Barnard, 45, speaking through a PA system while standing on the train at Canary Wharf, said:

‘We would really rather not be here but the ravaging of God’s creation calls us to do something, anything to stop this headlong rush into extinction on the back of the myth of financial progress and growth and business as usual.

‘Sadiq Khan summed up the states response to Extinction Rebellion’s clarion call to take proportionate, urgent action regarding the unfolding climate catastrophe by saying ” let  London return to business as usual” .  Easter temperatures broke records and moorlands burnt in the North but Khan’s message was clear : ” let us get on with destroying our future and perpetuating the flawed system that’s robbing our children of a stable future”.

‘Empty rhetoric and sympathetic platitudes make it clear that despite a week of disruption the political classes are not really listening and so further action must be taken in order to drive home the point that a dying planet is not business as usual.

‘In solidarity with Rebels who have been put on remand for pointing out our house is ablaze, in solidarity with the millions of lives, human and otherwise already being directly and adversely affected by climate breakdown we act again and will continue to do so. According to our consciences and the overwhelming evidence, both scientific and experiential in order to highlight the truth of these times. That Gods beautiful creation is being destroyed.

‘Our house is on fire, our children are screaming to put it out. Act now.

‘Furthermore we call on all rebels to come out and continue the rebellion. To continue to make these symbolic and disruptive acts until our country and the political classes WAKE UP. We call on you all in small groups to take these actions autonomously without central organisation, without top down hierarchical structures. We call on you to continue with your sacred duty to rebel . We call on you to emulate and improve on these actions and to disrupt “business as usual” and to do it in love and non-violence. ACT NOW.’

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