Die in at Bicester Village

Extinction Rebellion Christians carry out ‘die-in’ at luxury shopping outlet

On Sunday 7th July, Christian climate protestors, carried out a “die-in” in Bicester Village shopping centre – a place known for its selling of luxury shopping brands. Members of the group held a sign on the main pathway running through the complex, which read “Climate breakdown: we remember all people killed by new extremes of weather”. Other members of the group laid on the path, representing communities who have been killed by disasters around the world. Each person had a sign around their neck detailing the location of the disaster and the number killed as a result.

bicester-die-in-2The group, known as Christian Climate Action, are the Christian wing of the Extinction Rebellion. They also held a prayer service on site in front of the shops, where they prayed for future generations, including their own children and grandchildren.

Holly-Anna Petersen, a 30-year-old NHS practitioner from East London was one of the individuals lying on the ground. She said “Scientists tell us that we need change at an unprecedented speed and scale if we stand any chance of preventing climate breakdown. Sectors like manufacturing need to be addressed and our supply chains need to be transformed. UK MPs have passed a motion to declare a climate emergency, but we need action. That is why we’re here today. If our current leaders are not prepared to make practical and tangible changes then they are not the leaders for this critical time.”

Sheila Collins, an 80-year-old retired teacher from Cardiff also took part in the action. “Our throw-away lifestyles are using the equivalent of 1.7 earths” she said, “that comes at the cost of suffering – and it’s the worlds’ poorest communities and our own children who are going to be paying the price. We are creating a climate which can’t sustain them, with natural disasters getting more frequent and severe. As a Christian I believe that I should be following the example of Jesus, who cared passionately about the poor and the vulnerable. He was so distressed when he saw them being exploited in the temple that he turned over the tables and drove out the money lenders. We are prayerfully exploring what that looks like in today’s context”.

– Ends –

Photo credits: Bututa filmworks, available on request

For more information call Holly on 07748 092096

2 thoughts on “Die in at Bicester Village

  1. Tony says:

    Great Stuff. Thank you. What an impact upon all of us…making me think…I reckon that Amos and Hosier would be with you, but what about the rest of us. Will share this around.
    (Just 1 point: the text says that it was held in “June”…shoild it have been “July”?)
    God Bless and show us the way forward, please.



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