The church is rising up

In Christian Climate Action, we long to see the Church step into its potential and show leadership in this climate emergency. It is something that we believe that the Church is so equipped to grapple with. We have the Holy Spirit, who comforts us as we cry for all that we are losing, a Christ who shows us the meaning of sacrificial love and a God who sustains us to take action – and who reminds us that in these desperate times, we are called to be faithful, not successful.

Over the last few months we have noticed a real shift. It is so moving to see the Church really starting to soften its heart to the reality of the climate breakdown at our doorstep. Churches appear to be rising up and empowering their communities to take meaningful action to defend life on our beautiful planet. You can find a number of sermons addressing the issue here and below is St Lukes choir in Holloway singing the Extinction Rebellion song “I’m sorry my friend”.

We are all one body – so let’s share what we are doing and encourage each other as we struggle to understand what being faithful looks like in this desperate time. If your church is doing amazing things to rebel for life, please send us a message or pictures to let us know!


3 thoughts on “The church is rising up

  1. Kristen Chisholm says:

    Thankyou for your words of comfort and encouragement As you say, these are desperate times as climate change is happening so fast. We have always faced challenges in our personal lives and in the broader community. This time it’s a worldwide emergency but we can face it if we work together


  2. Mike Q says:

    When the cause of the world becomes our priority, when we are embraced by the world as equal partners in their “emergency” causes we have lost track and certainly lost focus and direction. Climate crises is NOT the number concern of God important as that may be. Christ came into the world to save not the “Physical world” which climate activist would have us channel our energies but that the “world” (people everywhere) through him might be saved. The priority of the body of Christ be as ever about lost souls. An Archbishop or church that organise climate protest actions but would not undertake a soul saving activity in the same zeal and dedication is truly lost. We must reject the attempt of the world to divert our focus and dilute our message whether it be climate activism, lgbtq, etc. After the scriptures already told us the ultimate end of the planet. 1john 2:17. The day we become bedfellows with the world, is a sure sign we are no longer following God.


    • mchampagnie says:

      Hi, I’ve heard this view too. I just don’t think it’s either/or, but both/and more. There is no dilution of the gospel. Rather there is yet another demonstration of God using His people to defend the poor, speak justice, walk humbly….. We never “just” preach the word, we give, we feed, we clothe, we visit…and now, we rebel.


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