NGOs join the rebellion

Research shows that if we look back at social justice movements of the last 200 years, nonviolent direct action has been a vital component of change making. Even in just the last year we can see its transformational power – Extinction Rebellion has brought the climate emergency we all face out of the shadows and into headline news.

We can have a picture in our head of what a protestor looks like – someone who is older than me, younger than me, someone who is different to me. But the truth is that it is not about who we are but what we choose. Extinction Rebellion is made up of ordinary people like you and me who have decided that we care enough to take meaningful action – we are made up of children, parents, grandparents, vicars, teachers, lawyers, scientists..

XR-CA card

A thank you message from the Waterloo Millenium Green protest site to Christian Aid

And now charities are getting involved in Extinction Rebellion. During the Summer Uprising, Christian Aid saw that rebels were suffering the effects of the heat wave, and so the charity supported the Waterloo Millenium Green Extinction Rebellion site by supplying the rebels with water. They also ran a prayer vigil with Christian Climate Action, St Johns Waterloo and Faith for the Climate. They share their experience of being neighbours to XR here.

The October Rebellion is fast approaching and is set to be the biggest and boldest Extinction Rebellion protest yet. The Green Christian charity have started creating an installation which they will be presenting at the site. If your charity or group want to get involved then do get in touch.

For faith groups, the perfect way to get involved is to join the Faith Bridge, which is going to be a space held by faith groups in 24/7 prayer and worship. This climate emergency is something which effects us all. Lets tackle it together.”

2 thoughts on “NGOs join the rebellion

  1. travellinglight says:

    I want to get involved with the faith Bridge belong to CCA and XR Iin North Devon have tried contacting the Plymouth CCA group but no reply
    How can I prepare should I just turn up I’m a retired priest


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