We need you on Lambeth Bridge on Monday!

Taking the Bridge on Monday 7th October

We need as many people as possible, arrestable and support, to come and help secure the Faith Bridge, which will be located at Lambeth Bridge.

Please meet at:


On the grassed area on Albert Embankment, opposite the Rose Pub
35 Albert Embankment, Lambeth, London, England, SE1 7TY

We will pray and plan and then move onto Lambeth Bridge, securing the space for round the clock prayer and worship in the heart of London as we demand action from government for Creation.

If you are arrestable and can come to this, we LOVE you! It would really help to know you are coming – please email Martin.

Be like Noah!

We need people to help with carrying and installing tents, tipis, table and the Ark. This has a low potential of arrest. Please contact Martin if you can help with this.

Can’t risk arrest? We need you!

There are three specific, non-arrestable, roles we currently need help with during the Rebellion

  • Helping Martin to co-ordinate CCA affinity groups with others, doing statelite actions. This will be groups from the Faith Bridge who are doing actions away from that base.
  • Being a Contact Point for the CCA part of the logistics and ‘world building’ of the Faith Bridge. This will involve organising to get stuff to the bridge (mostly done already) and organising to move it away from the bridge if that becomes necessary. We especially need this person from Monday so we have a non-arrestable person to work with Martin.
  • Stewards to look after a church hall or similar place of accommodation and respite.

If you could help with any of these roles, please contact Martin by email or on 07985 728464

3 thoughts on “We need you on Lambeth Bridge on Monday!

  1. Bryan Parsons says:

    Was planning to come from Suffolk on Monday morning and sleep in my tent on the bridge. If I come Sunday evening instead is there a church hall or some other place for me to stay the night so as to help take the bridge on Monday morning? Best Wishes Bryan


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