Christians of XR arrested at London City Airport

This morning seven members of Christian Climate Action (the Christian arm of XR) were arrested for taking part in an Extinction Rebellion protest at London City Airport.

Father Martin Newell, a Catholic priest from Birmingham, said “I am here to raise the alarm, to call for a profound ecological conversion. The life of God’s creation is under threat, especially the lives of God’s poor. I am here to protect our common home, our mother, our sister which is among the most abused of our neighbours, as Pope Francis has said.”

Sam Wakeling, a 34 year old web designer and father or two from Sheffield was another of the arrestees. Climate breakdown “has become the gravest threat to the safety of our children and all society” he said. “I must follow my Christian faith and conscience to rebel.”

The CCA maintains a presence at Trafalgar Square, where regular prayer and worship is taking place, open to all.

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