The Autumn Rebellion continues

The second week of the Rebellion has been more uncertain than week one, with new conditions placed on all XR activities by the police. The Christian Climate Action tent has been cleared away from Trafalgar Square, and the camp at Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens removed. It has proved difficult to maintain a base, welcome visitors and run regular prayers.

Nevertheless, actions have continued. On Monday CCA was in the City of London, highlighting the role of finance in the climate crisis, and standing in solidarity with Jeffrey Newman, the first Rabbi to be arrested as part of Extinction Rebellion.

Tuesday saw a blockade in Millbank, with members of CCA holding the road and then leading a march behind the Faith Bridge banner, alongside other faith groups. There might not be a literal bridge, but the idea of a ‘faith bridge’ has been powerful – a bridge between secular and spiritual, between religions, between what is and what could be. “The faith bridge is a concept,” XR London tweeted. “It means displacing cars, anger, destruction & business as usual and replacing it with love, hope, song. It’s a push for global justice & a love for all creatures.”

Activists were also buoyed by a surprise visit to the Millbank site from former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

On Wednesday members of CCA were in the crowd at the Citizen’s Assembly in Trafalgar Square, in defiance of the blanket ban on all XR gatherings within London. And week is not over yet.



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