Pre-order our new book, Time to Act

time to act fcTime to Act: A Resource Book from the Christians in Extinction Rebellion will be published by SPCK in February 2020. You can pre-order it today.

The book includes a wide range of contributions from Christian Climate Action members and others, reflecting on non-violent direct action and the present climate emergency. There are stories, essays, interviews, poetry and prayers.

You’ll find chapters from some familiar CCA voices, such as Ruth Jarman, Phil Kingston and Martin Newell. There are guest contributions from others, such as Ruth Valerio, Rabbi Jeffrey Newman and Bill McKibben. And thanks to your generosity with your stories, there are dozens of CCA members in the book too. It’s your book, straight from the streets of the rebellion, and we can’t wait for you to read it!

All royalties from this edition go to CCA, to support future action for the climate.

3 thoughts on “Pre-order our new book, Time to Act

  1. Alice says:

    Hello – I want to organize reading group at my church to work through this book together, leading up to Earth day. I need to start publicizing the group soon, so people can mark the time and also let me know how many copies to order. Can you tell me how many chapters are in the book? The publisher’s site doesn’t have a breakdown. Thank you.


    • Jeremy Williams says:

      Hi Alice, thanks for your interest in the book, and I hope the reading group enjoy it. There are 38 chapters in the book, though some of those are a poem or a short reflection, so it’s not as long as that sounds! I’ve added the table of contents as a link at the bottom of the post, so you can see what it includes.


  2. thracianmaid says:

    Hello – how many chapters are in this book? I want to plan a church reading group leading up to Earth Day, and need to figure out how many weeks it will take, in time to publicize it and collect people’s orders. The publisher’s site doesn’t seem to have a chapter breakdown.


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