Join us for ’40 Days of Action’ this Lent

We are excited to announce the launch of ‘40 Days of Action’ for life on our planet – which starts on the 26th February and continues throughout Lent. This is something that everyone can get involved in. Find out how below:

Launch with us: The 40 Days of Action will be launched on the 26th of February, Ash Wednesday, with a vigil outside Westminster Cathedral at 12 noon and then Westminster Abbey at 2pm. The ask of the event will be calling on Churches and all religious institutions to fully divest from fossil fuels by the end of Lent. Following the Church of England’s recent pledge to go net zero emissions by 2030, we will also be very much encouraging the Catholic Church to follow suit! During the vigil, priests will be making the sign of the cross onto the foreheads of worshipers using fake crude oil, instead of with ash as is traditional. The ‘oil’ will be used as a symbol of our mortality, as real oil is made up of dead matter, but also of human frailty as we are currently losing the fight against the over consumption of fossil fuels. After this vigil, rebels will then process to Parliament Square.

Pray with us: Throughout the 40 days of action members of Christian Climate Action will be holding a vigil outside the Houses of Parliament. The vigil is being held alongside other members of Extinction Rebellion faith communities and will continue non-stop for the 40 days of Lent until Easter Sunday. The event focuses on the theme of lament – for the climate and ecological crisis and praying for leaders and representatives to find in themselves the courage to take urgent action. This is the perfect vigil to invite your friends and members of your Church to. MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP FOR YOUR SLOT HERE.

Go deeper with us: The season of Lent is a time of sacrifice and fasting – reflecting the 40 days when Jesus of Nazareth went into the desert to fast and be tempted. We invite you to engage in this process with the urgency of the climate crisis in mind. Some of us may use the period to be in solidarity with those already devastated by the climate and ecological emergency. For others it might be a time of processing climate grief with our local communities. Some of us might make steps to reduce the carbon emissions of our homes or local Churches. Others will find the courage to take up civil disobedience with the goal of pressuring governments to go net zero by 2025. Make sure you keep your eyes and ears pealed as some Christians and XR rebels will be undertaking bold actions throughout Lent to draw attention to the desperate need for government and major corporations to start drastically reducing their emissions.

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