Invite your Church this Lent

2020 is such an important year for the future of our planet – so we are making this Lent count. Christian Climate Action are Launching 40 Days of Action, which is perfect to invite your Church to join in with. Below is a message which you can send to your Church or small group to invite them the make a stand for life on our planet.


Don’t know what you are doing about the climate emergency as a church? I thought you might be interested in what Christian Climate Action has planned for the Lent season. With Ruth Valerio’s Saying Yes to Life as the Lent book this year, and recent CofE Synod’s radical decision to aim for net zero emissions for 2030 last week, this is a potentially exciting time for the church to really engage with our prophetic role in the climate crisis.

I would love it if as {LOCAL CHURCH NAME}, we could join in with what Christian Climate Action have got planned, as a way of standing in faith for creation. Along with Faith Bridge (a multi-faith group within the Extinction Rebellion Movement), they have launched ‘40 Days of Action’ for life on our planet – which starts on the 26th February and continues throughout Lent. This is something that everyone can get involved in.

Here are a couple of ways we could get involved:

Launch: The 40 Days of Action will be launched on Ash Wednesday, 26th February, in Parliament Square with a mass vigil outside Westminster Cathedral at 12pm. More details can be found here. Could we get a group together to go along?

Pray: Throughout the 40 days there is going to be 24-7 prayer in parliament square – so if people can’t make it to the launch they could book a slot alone or with a group. This is such an opportunity to join in with a wider movement lamenting for the climate and ecological crisis and praying for leaders to have the courage to take the urgent action needed. Could we mention this in church and share the link to sign up for slots here.

Go Deeper: Lent is a time of sacrifice and fasting – Christians around the country will be seeking to reflect on this in light of the climate crisis. Part of the plan is a fossil fuel fast. Many of us will be turning the heating off or down, using cars less or not at all etc… (This in addition to the private sacrifices of the fast that people keep). Could we have a wider conversation in church around this?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if our church could play its part during Lent in engaging with the climate crisis in prayer and action. What do you think?


{Your name}”

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