40 Days vigil is now going virtual due to covid-19

ANNOUNCEMENT: Our vigil will be transitioning to a virtual vigil from this Monday 16th at 8am. More detail below, including a new daily Zoom for us to pray & meditate together, and how you can sign up on the same rota we’ve been using to join us from wherever you are.

Today the vigil team met online and, after careful reflection and discussion, decided to transition our faith vigil to a ‘virtual’ vigil. There’s a growing consensus among scientists that ‘social distancing’ is the best way of delaying the spread of the coronavirus and keeping our health services from becoming overwhelmed. And so, to protect our loved ones and all those most vulnerable, we have closed our physical vigil outside Parliament.

I am sure that some of you will be sad to have not made it up to the physical vigil, especially those of you who’ve already signed up for shifts in future days or weeks. It has been an honour to participate, and many participants had a deeply sacred experience of their time at the vigil. Those ripples will continue rippling out.

So, onto the exciting news – this provides us with a rather wonderful opportunity. All of you who’ve been joining us from home, for whatever reason, are now completely included in our vigil as we go forwards with people praying and meditating from their homes (or gardens!). We’ll use the same rota (https://www.24-7prayer.com/signup/68b291) – do sign up for an hour or more – we’d like to continue throughout the night and the more the merrier. Please put your name and your location (ie Satya – Malvern UK) so we have a sense of who we’ll be joining in prayer & meditation.

We’ll also be offering a daily online communal prayer sessions each night at both 9am and 9pm, you can find the details for these zoom meetings here. Both of these will last about half an hour-ish. The 9am prayer session will be led by someone from Christian Climate Action and the 9pm session will be led by members of different faith communities. These sessions will include time at the start for a brief check in, and some silent space for us to practice in our own traditions. If you’re willing to lead one or more of these, do message Satya on 07900 605055 as we are setting up a new Whatsapp group for leaders. No need to do anything ‘fancy’ – just leading some check-ins and offering some quiet time is fine.

We have been so inspired by you all. We’ve already created a pretty special group, with lovely links between people of different faiths, denominations, ages, locations, occupations… let’s start expanding that outwards. If you have any friends who’d be interested in taking part in the vigil from afar, do send then to this group.

With much love, stay safe our there,
The vigil team

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