Join the CCA Working Group

If you are passionate about standing up for life on our planet and want to get more involved in Christian Climate Action, we would love for you to join the CCA working group. The working group meets twice a month online and is where people work together to dream up and plan different projects.

You can join us whether you are completely new to CCA or whether you have been part of us for a long time. You can see when the next working group meeting is via the events page of our facebook here.

So what types of things can you get involved in as part of the working group? The below are generally the areas which we might touch on but many other ideas also come up…

Talks, training and outreach: You can get involved in all aspects of outreach, such as forming relationships with different communities and Churches or creating resources. You can also get involved in projects which equip members in different training skills. If talks and training is something that greatly interests you, you can also contact David, Flo and Sally (

Pastoral: You can get involved in all things pastoral, such as how to provide a “listening ear” for those within CCA who may need it. You can get involved in developing artistic and creative expression, liturgy and prayers with a pastoral focus. You can help to develop CCAs arrestee support. If any of these aspects particularly appeal to you please contact David and Gaynor (

Media and messaging: You can get involved in aspects of public facing communication, such as social media, website content and writing press releases. If you have skills in this area you would like to dedicate to CCA please contact Holly (

Admin: You can get involved in making sure that Christian Climate Action is running smoothly and in a coordinated way. This includes areas such as responding to emails from people wanting to get in touch, supporting people in setting up online meetings and creating the relevant guides/documentation for different activities. If you know that you specifically want to get involved in the admin side of CCA, you can contact Caroline, Adam, Melanie or Holly (

Local group support: You can help support local CCA groups around the country to establish themselves and thrive. If this is something generally that you want to get more involved in you can also contact Caroline (

Slack: For some of the projects on the working group we communicate via a programme called Slack. Slack will be new to most people and that’s completely okay. It’s not a requirement but it is quite an intuitive programme to get to know. If you have any troubles using slack you can read this page which gives a good step by step. If you have read this and are still having difficulties you can also contact CCA on and we will happily give you a bit of a tutorial. To be added to slack, please email

All volunteers and members of working groups need to sign a volunteer agreement. We use the Extinction Rebellion volunteer agreement which can be found through this link. Please sign this form and then email to let us know that you have signed it.

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