Join the Pastoral Working Group

Being involved in Christian Climate Action doesn’t have to mean getting arrested or even doing nonviolent direct action. For those who care about the wellbeing of others, why not get involved with the Pastoral Working Group?

What is the pastoral working group?
We aim to:

  • Provide a listening ear for those within Christian Climate Action who may be in need of pastoral support, for example in relation to climate grief or anxiety, burn-out or feeling isolated.
  • Develop artistic and creative expression, liturgy and prayers with a pastoral focus.
  • Offer some arrestee support, mainly in the form of Post Arrest Liaison (PAL) – 1-1 emotional support for arrestees mainly over the phone. We appreciate that many in CCA will continue to use their local Extinction Rebellion support groups for this purpose, but we hope to build skills within CCA to provide support to those not in that position, and to provide support for CCA only actions.

The coordinators of the pastoral working group are the wonderful David and Gaynor. Anyone curious or interested in joining the pastoral team, please do get in touch on David and Gaynor will be able to welcome you to the group and let you know of any training for the role which you might desire.

What if I need pastoral support myself?
If you need us, for prayer, or as a  listening ear, you can contact us at

Relevant legal advice during this time
Those receiving charge letters from the October 2019 action – contact XR legal for initial financial support at
For the latest updates on courts and coronavirus please check this link:
For any further questions, email

One thought on “Join the Pastoral Working Group

  1. Carol Chadwick says:

    I would very much like to join the Pastoral Working Group.
    I am a commissioned Lay Pastoral Minister with Birmingham Diocese for my church in Tamworth Staffordshire.
    Because I am over 70 I am having to stay at home most of the time but am Pastoral listening to congregation members by phone/ messenger etc.
    I also am part of CCA and set up Tamworth Lichfield XR group.


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