UK Sept 2020 Rebellion

2020 has been a year of tipping points. Everywhere you look, a collective rage is growing. The people know that the next six months are critical if we stand any chance of tackling this climate crisis.


The next big Extinction Rebellion uprising is happening at the end of August and early September. The idea is that from August 28, local groups will be doing high impact disruptions in their own regions – to galvanize rebels in readiness for action and to show the Government the Rebellion is coming. Then from September 1st, protests will be in three main cities (London, Manchester and Cardiff).

The UK Parliament is due to start re-sitting after the summer on 1st September: but we’re not going to let them back in until they agree to start anew with justice, care and life at the heart of it. From the 1st we will peacefully blockade the UK Parliament in London until they promise that the first thing they’ll do is debate our 3 demands.

To read more about the 2020 Rebellion, click here.


We believe that being faithful means taking a stand in the biggest issue of our time. If you agree, we would love for you to join us.

Members of Christian Climate Action will be taking part in all aspects of the rebellion. We will be carrying out actions in our local areas from August 28th and will are expecting to have a presence at each of the three rebellion sites (London, Manchester and Cardiff).


Due to how CCA members are distributed around the country, the main location we will be at is the London Rebellion site. If you would like to meet up with us in London on the ground, you can find us via telegram here. We will also have a base at St Johns Waterloo Church from 10am each day of the first week. A member of CCA will be at a welcome stand and can let you know where people are on the ground.


Most of what happens on the ground at this rebellion will not be planned as we will be responding to the spirit, needs and opportunities in the moment. However, here are some events which have been pre-arranged. To keep up to date with any arranged events, you can check out our facebook events page (as it will be difficult for us to update this webpage while we are on the ground):

Prayer Service for the Earth, 1st Sept –

Environmental Stations of the Cross, 1st Sept –

Environmental Eucharist, 1st Sept –


At the London rebellion site, from the 31st August, members of CCA are taking part in a 24/7 prayer vigil. We will begin with a multi-faith ceremony, outside St Johns Church Waterloo at 7pm on Monday the 31st of August. This ceremony will prepare a sacred space for the rebellion. Following this ceremony, we will process to Parliament Square.

We’ll continue in silence all day and all night, until at least Sunday the 6th of September. All are welcome to join us. Just come along wearing a mask, take a social-distancing ribbon and sit with us. We’ll ring a bell on the hour and half-hour (with five minutes to get up and move around at the end of each session), so feel free to join us for half an hour or for as long as you like. There is a strong chance that the location of the vigil will move. To keep up to date with its current location, please join the vigil telegram account, by downloading the app and clicking here:

Click here to find out more information and to get involved.

There are also vigils planned at the Cardiff and Manchester rebellion sites.


This is such a critical time in the climate crisis and we want the next rebellion to really grab attention. As such we have created a range of resources, which you can find here. We are taking special precautions to make sure that we are staying socially distanced. As well as wearing a mask, we are not using flyers. Instead of handing out flyers we have created a QR code, which people can photograph on their phone and it will take them directly to the CCA flyer on our website. We also have a range of posters, flags and banners for groups to use.


Affinity groups are essential to protests. They are autonomous groups of 8-20 people who work together and support each other by carrying out a range of action and support orientated roles. Help us get you into an affinity group by filling out this survey.


Here are some videos you can use to engage your church ahead of the September Rebellion. They are of varying lengths, for use in either a short promo slot in your service, or you can host a film evening. Invite your Church along – you might be surprised in the response! We have also written a letter that you can send, from CCA, to any churches in your local area. Click here to view

6 thoughts on “UK Sept 2020 Rebellion

  1. Sasa Emmanuel James says:

    Thanks a lot for work you are doing, in book of Genesis give order to make to look after what he has created on the earth and make it beautiful ,so as Christians we have created world we want as to make God happy, in my country south Sudan most people are using fuel from tree for cooking food and now a lot of trees are destroyed and with in some years to come we will face climate change in the region or in south Sudan ,as am asking you I need to join you to get knowledge so that I can train my people about good of tree,or danager of climatical change in the global


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