Get Trained for the Roles of the Rebellion

When we see rebellions in the media, it can look a bit chaotic – however there is order to the madness!

The next rebellion is starting at the end of August/start of September – click here to find out more. We need to make sure that by the time the first flags take to the air that we are a well-oiled machine. That will only happen if we know what our roles are – so whether this is your first rodeo or whether you can rebel in your sleep, lets get traaaaained!

Firstly – no matter what your role, we encourage you to attend ‘Know your rights’ training, ‘Non-violent Direct Action’ training and watch the video below.

‘Arrestables’: All people should attend ‘Know your rights’ training and ‘Non-violent Direct Action’ training, but this is especially true to ‘arrestables’ – people who are willing to risk arrest during the rebellion.

Arrestee Support: This is the biggest role in the rebellion. There are many different arrestee support roles – taking information of someones arrest, calling arrestee’s next of kin, informing back office of their arrest or waiting for arrestees outside of police stations. You can get clued up on what arrestee support roles involve and how you can do them here.

Legal Observer: Legal Observers are an unofficial observation role, helping to ensure lawful police behaviour. They are not part of the protest but are separate, observing and taking note of what is going on. The legal observer training is not carried out by Extinction Rebellion, but by Green and Black cross. You can sign up to the next training event here.

Promotion: An important role in the rebellion is making sure that people hear about the action. This can be through writing press releases to your local newspaper or putting posts out on your local groups’ social media. There is specific media training taking place on 8th August via zoom. Click here to sign up and secure your place.

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