Join an affinity group

The September Rebellion is fast approaching – make sure you’re ready

The next big Extinction Rebellion uprising is happening at the end of August and early September. The idea is that from August 28, local groups will be doing high impact disruptions in their own regions. Then from September 1st, people will galvanise in three main cities (London, Manchester and Cardiff). More details here.

Affinity Groups (AG) are essential for CCA to be effective and to provide necessary support during and after the Rebellion. So it is important for all participating CCA members to be part of an AG. For those new to the idea of affinity groups, they are autonomous groups of 8-20 people who work together and support each other by carrying out a range of action and support orientated roles. Getting into an affinity group means that we already have people who we know before we go to the rebellion and means that we can support each other to be more effective.

To be part of a CCA affinity group, please answer the following questions. Please note that there are some affinity group roles which can be carried out remotely.

We would appreciate receiving your responses asap as we are planning to deliver training on affinity groups for everyone on the 1st August. To register your place, please click here. The training will help further clarify the role of affinity groups and allow everyone to feel supported in the lead up to and during the rebellion.

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