Find us at the London Rebellion – Telegram

During a rebellion, it is difficult to plan where we will be at any one time. Plans need to change quickly due to rebels in different places needing support or due to us responding to police tactics. Because of this, we do not have an outline of where we will be on the ground at any one time. For those who do want to meet up with us on the ground, we have therefore set-up some telegram channels so that you can keep informed. Due to the distribution of CCA members across the country, we are only able to have these telegram channels for the London rebellion site.

Telegram is like whatsapp, but more secure. It is an app, which can be downloaded to any smartphone. Once downloaded, please click on the links below to join the telegram channel…


THE CCA BROADCAST ONLY LOCATION UPDATE: This telegram channel is a broadcast only telegram channel. This means that only select people can post on it. The function of this is that there will be regular updates on the location of group members. If you would like to get this update on where CCA members are generally on the ground, please join using this link:

THE CCA TELEGRAM CHAT: This is a channel where CCA members can each post and share information on the ground. Please be mindful what you post on this channel, as it is functional rather than social. Too many posts just means that important information gets lost. You can join through this link:

FAITH VIGIL TELEGRAM: Some CCA members are getting involved in an multi-faith vigil. Steps are being taken to ensure that this vigil is always a safe space. Because of this, the exact location of the vigil may move around London. If you want to get involved in the vigil, here is the Telegram link in order to receive details of its location from moment to moment:

BASE AT ST JOHNS WATERLOO CHURCH: If you are not able to find us via these telegram channels, know that we have a base at St John Waterloo Church from 10am during the 1st week. If you are unable to find anyone, please feel free to go to the welcome stand at St Johns Waterloo. The person staffing the stand may be able to link you up with people on the ground.


XR LONDON TELEGRAM: CCA are taking part in a wider Extinction Rebellion London action. This is the London Rebellion Telegram which will keep you up to date with what is happening across London in the XR context. You can join through this link:–X3qKcRsivsQ

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