The Rebellion Will be Beautiful

CCA leaflet QR codeLEAFLET QR CODE: At the September Rebellion, we are taking special precautions to make sure that we are staying socially distanced. As well as wearing a mask, we are not using flyers. Instead of handing out flyers we will be printing out the following QR code. people can then take a photo of this on their phone and it will take them directly to the CCA flyer on our website.

You can print out a page with the QR code on it by CCA Leaflet QR Code

POSTERS: A series of posters have been created, which have bible verses on them. These can be printed in black and white or colour. Posters_and_blurb.

BANNERS AND FLAGS: Some banners and flags have been created for each Affinity Group for the upcoming Rebellion. Groups at the Cardiff and Manchester rebellion sites will have these posted to them and the Affinity Groups going to London will be able to pick up their banners an flags from St Johns Waterloo Church. Please speak to your Affinity Group coordinator to agree who will collect.


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