Vigil at the Manchester Rebellion

This is such a critical time in the climate crisis. As Christians, we believe that we are called to take prayerful action. On the 31st August, at 5pm, CCA members are holding a multi-faith vigil to prayerfully bless the beginning of the September Rebellion in Manchester. We have speakers from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths and will have a space for a creative response.

Join us if you can, or pray with us from home.

WHERE AND WHEN? The vigil will take place on Monday 31st August at 5pm at St Ann’s Square, Manchester. It will last about 45 minutes.

COVID PRECAUTIONS: To ensure that we are as Covid responsible as possible, we will be giving out 2m length ribbons on the day that will be used to space us out well. Please wear a mask or face covering if possible.

PRAY WITH US FROM YOUR HOME: For those who are not able to be with us on the ground, please know that we are still united in prayer. We are also hoping (prayers for tech appreciated!) to livestream the event via the CCA Manchester Facebook. This meant that you will be able to join in from home, to allow people to participate without gathering in person. Here is the link –


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