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‘We believe that being faithful means taking a stand on the biggest issue of our time. If you agree, please get involved.’ – Fr Martin Newell, a Catholic priest and member of CCA. Pictured above shortly before he was arrested during the September 2020 Rebellion.

Make a donation to CCA here.

There are lots of ways to get involved in CCA. Some of us are on the ground right now praying, protesting and being arrested. Some of us are sitting outside police stations waiting to greet arrestees when they are released. Some of us are praying from home, both alone and together on Zoom. Some of us are phoning government as part of the Digital Rebellion. Some of us are in London, some of us are in Manchester, some of us are in Cardiff.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, all your contributions are hugely appreciated.

You can also support us with a donation. Rebellions cost money. For example, the CCA Art Group has purchased materials to produce amazing art work. We also have transport costs, and a variety of other costs.

Find out how to make a donation here.

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