XR Faith Bridge @ COP26

XR Faith Bridge Earth Vigil for COP 26: Call out for helpers and participants – be part of something very special at COP 26

United in Grief and Love for our Sacred Earth

After the success of a Vigil in Parliament Square in September 2020, which Christian Climate Action was involved in, and building on our shared experience of creating intentional contemplative spaces within spaces of protest we hope to be able to take the Earth Vigil to Glasgow for COP 26 and we would love to gather as many rebels as possible around this idea in order to make it happen.

To pause, to pray, to meditate in the midst of action is a radical act. Are you willing to help us build a community that provides space for that radical act? A community that models the power of sharing a profound powerful intentional silence in the face of catastrophe?

Can you help us create spaces that invite people to pause, and ground themselves back into the mystery of the possible …………………

We would love you to join in with our quiet but growing murmuration of hope.

Current Situation

A small group from XR Faith Bridge have been preparing for COP covering both ‘Camino to COP’ and ‘Earth Vigil’ and, after a number of discussions about where, when, and how, an outline for the Glasgow Vigil has emerged……

  • Glasgow Friends Meeting House has been booked for storage and daily ‘in person’ updates on vigil place and time.
  • A daily vigil space will be created according to the events of the day, needs/focus of actions and protest.
  • Vigil to start on day one of COP (1st Nov) – we will explore the possibility of an opening event which could involve invited speakers.
  • Vigil to close with a through-the-night candlelit presence on the final evening of the conference (exact date tbc)
  • Vigil to have built in flexibility to allow for changes/events/capacity throughout the 12 days.
  • Vigil to have a signal chat and some form of outreach (flyer/QR code)
  • Use existing Faith Bridge Banners and logos.
  • An online Vigil space will be developed and enabled by a parallel Faith Bridge Group

Some of those who will be involved in the Earth Vigil will be out of action for organising from September 5th onwards because of their commitment to Camino to COP.

If you would like to be involved, please email hjburnett@msn.com


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