Join the September Rebellion

WHEN: 10 September 2022, for around 2 weeks

WHERE: Starting in London and then spreading across the country – see more details below!

Life on earth is dying. Our rights are being eroded. Our homes and food are becoming unaffordable. The crisis is everywhere, and it’s happening now.

Join Christian Climate Action as we stand up for creation alongside our brothers and sisters in Extinction Rebellion this September.

SO WHAT IS THE PLAN? In a nutshell, the plan will centre people power and mass mobilisation at the heart, and be made up of the following 4 phases:

PHASE 1: During the week leading up to September 10th, there will be big, audacious actions focusing on Citizens Assemblies and our failing democracy. These will NOT be mass participation actions where everyone can take part. However, there will be a country-wide Paint the Streets campaign that everyone can take part in to promote September 10th. Link to get involved coming soon!

PHASE 2: From the 10th-12th September we invite everyone to join us in London for a 3 day festival of resistance. On the morning of Saturday 10th we will occupy a site and build it together from the ground up, filling the space with music, art, direct democracy and the tools and ideas of resistance and regenerative culture. From there there will be trainings in community mobilisation, and how to speak to people about Citizens Assemblies.

PHASE 3: After 3 days together in London, the Rebellion goes on the move for a period of regional mobilisation. Together we will launch our fleet of rebellion buses(!) which will travel the length and breadth of the country, visiting local groups to celebrate their work, offering tools and resources in mobilisation and CAs, and building a narrative across the movement and the country – that we’re all in this together and together we can get ourselves out of it. More coming soon!

PHASE 4: The final piece of the puzzle is still coming together. With an autumn of direct action from multiple groups on the cards, there’s plenty of ways to go out with a bang and work with other movements, setting us up for a period of growth and regeneration until the Spring. Watch this space!

More details to follow soon.

For more information visit the Extinction Rebellion website HERE.

This September we will reignite the urgent need to recognise the scale of this crisis, this is a moment of truth. We will hold out a torch for stopping the harm, it’s time to stop the flow of fossil fuels and start restoring biodiversity. We will stand up for the urgent need to shift to a better way of solving it, a shared dialogue that celebrates difference and upholds democracy.

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