The International Rebellion

On the morning of Monday 7th of October, the biggest Extinction Rebellion so far will begin. There will be actions across the world, continuing for as long as it takes.

In the UK, the movement aims to peacefully shut down Westminster in Central London. The government continues to talk about the climate crisis, but its actions do not match –  fossil fuel subsidies and airport expansion being two more high profile examples. Mass participation civil disobedience on their doorstep will communicate that this is not good enough.

We cannot shuffle off our responsibility onto future generations and the world’s most vulnerable people. As Christians, we must bear witness against this abuse of God’s world, and the people made in his image.

The Extinction Rebellion movement recognises the importance of Christian witness, alongside other faiths. Each key protest site has a theme, and the Faith Bridge is one of them. Christian Climate Action is leading on coordinating the site, and is calling on Christians and churches across the country to support the action.

Where next?