Join us in London this October

Date: Starting 7 Oct – for as long we can hold it

Location: Trafalgar Square, London

The planned ‘faith bridge’ was taken back by the police, but faith is still playing a big part in the October Rebellion. Now based in Trafalgar Square, the last few days have seen prayer and worship, a public reading of the book of Revelation, the eucharist celebrated in the street, baptisms in a paddling pool, and of course lots of front line actions by members of CCA.

Come and join us -whether you consider yourself ‘arrestable’ or not, you are welcome. Come and lead us in prayer or in song. Bring your concerns, your hopes and your sorrows. Bring a listening ear, and willing hands. Bring food.

You will find us in the centre of Trafalgar Square, nestled between two lions – on the right hand side if you’re facing the National Gallery.

Supporting roles

The rebellion needs all kind of ‘non-arrestable’ supporting roles!

Faith Bridge FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Faith Bridge and the October Rebellion.

Pray for the rebellion

Whether you can make it to the faith bridge or not, prayer will be an important part of the October Rebellion.