Faith Bridge FAQ

Where is the bridge?
The October Rebellion is going to be located on Lambeth Bridge, in Westminster, London. You can join the facebook event to keep up to date.

Where can I sleep?
If you did want to help hold the site through the night, you are very welcome to bring a tent and sleep on the site of the bridge. If you would like to find accommodation near by, please fill out this form. If you live in London and are able to offer accomodation to weary rebels, you can use the same form.

How can I get there?
Extinction Rebellion is organising transport from the major cities around the country. You can buy your coach ticket here, with dozens of destinations served. For rebels with disabilities who might find coach travel difficult, please follow this link for subsidised rail transport.

How can I get involved?
There are lots of ways to get involved. Click here to see some roles. Please feel free to turn up on the days and get involved on the ground or you can let us know before hand by filling out this form.

What should I bring?
An umbrella, and a tent and sleeping bag if you’re planning to stay. Bring a plant to add to the prayer garden, and let your creativity run wild if there’s something beautiful you’d like to contribute. More details on what you might want to bring here.

What else is happening in London?
Christian Climate Action is facilitating the faith bridge, which is just one part of the larger October Rebellion. There are twelve key sites in the Westminster area, each with its own theme, such as global justice, politics, food, etc. (See the map here) The Extinction Rebellion website has a full briefing and FAQ here.

Where can I get legal advice?
Legal advice is best left to the experts, and so CCA cannot offer specific advice! We can tell you that if you are taking part in non-violent direct action, it is important to understand the consequences and be prepared. You can find lots of useful information from Extinction Rebellion on their web pages: Know your rights and get legal advice

What if I’m not in Britain?
Don’t fly in to join us! I mean you’d be welcome, but that would hardly be a good use of the carbon budget. And you won’t have to, because the rebellion is international – see what is happening in your country here.