Pray for the rebellion

Whether you can make it to the faith bridge or not, prayer will be an important part of the October Rebellion. There will be regular prayers on the bridge itself, and specific events that you will be able to join in with.

Make some prayer flags: in partnership with Green Christian, we will be making ribbons of prayer flags to decorate the bridge. You can also make these in advance with your church, and bring them with you. More details here.

National prayer for the climate: on the 7th of October, from 11:30 to 2pm, there will a national prayer time for the climate, led from the faith bridge. Bishops, NGOs and ordinary Christians will join together with those praying from home, inspired by the national moment of prayer called for the D-Day landings.

Family friendly prayer walk: NGOs and church members will be joining together for a walk to the Faith Bridge in support of the action. 7th October, 11:30 – more details here.

Lead the Hours on the bridge: drawing on St Francis’ love of nature, we will observe the Franciscan Hours for the duration of the faith bridge action. You are welcome to lead us in this, with a sign-up available here. More information here.

Prayer from home: Not everyone can make it to the faith bridge, and we know many Christians will be joining us in spirit and in prayer from around the country. You could observe the same prayer times as the bridge.

Get your church praying: Whether in your main church service or in mid-week groups, there is power in communal prayer for the bridge. You could use this prayer for climate grief as a starting point.