Supporting roles

At Christian Climate Action we have many people contacting us to say that they would love to be involved in Extinction Rebellion actions, but that they can’t because they are not able to be arrested. Civil disobedience is a core strategy of the Extinction Rebellion non-violent direct action process, but there are many supporting roles with a very low risk of arrest. (That’s not a guarantee – we can’t be 100% certain of anything!)

These ‘non-arrestable’ roles are pivotal to the Extinction Rebellion movement. All protest actions rely on a large support team. They can’t happen without them, and we can use your skills in all sorts of ways.

Making the protest thrive:

Offer to lead prayer or a worship session – Faith is going to play a vital role in the October Rebellion, with a faith space dedicated to bringing together prayer and action. If you want to run a prayer or worship session, please turn up on the day equipped and ready to lead, or contact us to let us know in advance.

Engage your church – Churches are beautiful places to connect with God, but something amazing happens when we take our worship out to the world. We would love your Church to join us on the streets.

Organise an art installation or creative activities – the revolution will be beautiful. If you are someone who loves to create and wants to add your creative flair to the faith space at the October rebellion please do share your gift and bring your creation along. You can contact us if you want to let us know beforehand what you are bringing.

Engaging with members of the public – taking part in non-violent direct action can seem a strange and alien thing to some people. Talking to passers-by and handing out fliers is a great way of breaking down barriers and letting people know that Extinction Rebellion is made up of people just like them – parents, colleagues, church goers and much more.

Support the rebels:

Offer your church space – For central London churches this can involve providing accommodation to rebels, displaying a banner, providing storage, camping space outside, kitchen, toilets, space for disabled toilets, training space before the rebellion. XR will have guardians at all spaces to ensure XR guidelines are adhered to and space is respected. Whatever can be offered is welcome! Contact

Providing food and water – A rebellion is busy work and can be very tiring. You can help relieve this by providing sustenance. We will have a table for food. If you are coming to the bridge, please bring food to share with others.

Providing wellbeing support – The climate crisis is an overwhelming issue which can bring up difficult emotions. We are in this for the long haul and so we need to make sure that we sustain ourselves both physically and emotionally. If you have a passion for the wellbeing of others, you can help sustain weary rebels, by providing some relaxation, encouragement and support.

Supporting individuals when they leave police custody –  Being in police custody is a sacrifice. You can make it just a little bit better by being there waiting outside with a smile and some sustenance when people are released.

If you want to help tackle this climate emergency by carrying out any of the roles above, you can get in contact with us at or turn up at the rebellion and get involved on the ground. Christian Climate Action are holding a specific faith space at the October Rebellion and we would love for you to join. To keep updated on this, join the facebook event here.