Get Involved

Thanks for your interest in Christian Climate Action. There are lots of ways to get involved. Here are just some of them, and please do get in touch with us if you’ve got an idea.

Take action with us – This year is such an important year for the future of life on our planet. Christian Climate Action is a non-violent direct action group determined to do what we can to tackle this emergency. Please stand alongside us. You can see our Facebook page for upcoming events and actions.

Join a local group – Pushing to tackle this climate emergency can be very rewarding but it is also exhausting. It’s important that we have people around us who can support us. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and welcoming bunch and it is surprising how quickly you form bonds when you are taking action side by side. There are lots of local Christian Climate Action groups around the UK and abroad – join a local CCA group.

Donate – as demand to join the Christian climate uprising grows we are struggling to keep up with demand. Any donation that you can give to help us meet that capacity would be very much appreciated and would make a real difference to the crisis we face. You can make a donation of set up a standing order here.

Volunteer your time – even though Christian Climate Action is having far-reaching impacts it is coordinated centrally by a small team of volunteers who are struggling to keep up with demand. We would very much appreciate the support of people who are wanting to dedicate time to tackling this climate emergency. Volunteers need to be able to commit to dedicating time of minimum 1 day a week on an ongoing basis. This is because it is not sustainable for us to be putting into inducting new volunteers who go on to leave the group shortly after. If you think you could volunteer to support the work of CCA, please email

Join our Working Group – if you want to get more involved in CCA activity, a great way to do this is to take part in our Working Group. This is where we do the majority of our practical planning and organising to make things happen. No prior experience needed.

Keep in touch – there’s a lively conversation happening on Twitter and Facebook. That’s where you’ll get up-to-the-minute updates on actions, along with links to the latest articles, photos and videos. You can sign up here to receive our monthly newsletter.