Church Presentations

We are all called to tell the truth about what is happening to our planet. This climate emergency is the biggest issue of our generation. If we don’t take action now we will be the last generation who can.

Here at Christian Climate Action, we believe the Church has a vital role to play in this non-violent climate uprising. We long to see the Church living up to its potential and taking a real stand for God’s creation.

We want to support you in bringing your Church alive. Please find below materials that can help you do this.

Climate Emergency Presentation

A clear and evidence-based presentation of the threat posed by the Climate and Ecological emergency. There are a number of slides with a suggested script in the notes section.

Download the CCA template talk.

Here is a video of CCA member Holly giving the talk on zoom:

A Sacred Duty to Rebel

A 30-minute video created by CCA member and film maker Peter Armstrong, which could be used to hold a climate film night.  Christians explain why they feel they have a duty to rebel against the climate and ecological emergency.

Should Christians Do NVDA?

Empathy Media creates this moving and inspiring video looking at the question: should Christians get involved in non-violent direct action? Reflections from Dr Simone Kotva on the legacy and theology of non-violent direct action. This is a perfect video to share with your Church in order to get them thinking about taking action to tackle this climate emergency.