Workshops and activities

Activity: exploring non-violent direct actions

This workshop allows participants to interactively discuss a series of actions for their effectiveness and their non-violence. What works? What upsets people? A useful workshop for building understanding and consensus around objectives and methods.

Workshop: Grief Circles

CCA has been developing ‘grief circles’ as a way of helping people to acknowledge the deep emotions around these issues. Melanie Nazareth has prepared two different versions of the grief circle, and we invite you to download them and use them in your community. They can be profound and life-giving moments.

Activity: Prayer flags

At the October Rebellion 2019, there was a Faith Bridge on Lambeth Bridge, where the bridge was held by individuals of different faith communities. Churches made prayer flags ahead of this and they were strung up across the bridge. This was a way of expressing our emotions about climate change in prayerful way. You can do this activity yourself and bring them to the next rebellion