Involve your Church

Churches across the UK have a key role to play in calling for climate and ecological justice and sounding the alarm about the consequences of failing to live righteously in relation to the rest of God’s creation. So, if they are not already doing this, how can you engage your church with the Climate Emergency?

Cleansing the Temple

Christian Climate Action has put together a guidance document outlining ways in which you can call your church to action against Climate Change. This is not calling your church to be an “eco-church”, although that is important. This is asking your church to speak prophetically into a world that needs to hear the truth about the Climate Emergency, to provide pastoral support to those who are experiencing eco-anxiety and grief and standing by those who are taking Non-Violent Direct Action and Civil Disobedience to draw attention to the crisis that faces us all.

Access the guidance document

Hold a Climate Film Night

One way of reaching out within your church community can be by holding a climate film night.  There are so many ways this can be done.  If physically holding an evening together within the church isn’t possible, hosting a film night online via Zoom is very easy.

Our very own Peter Armstrong is an amazing film maker and we have been blessed that he has made A Sacred Duty to Rebel, a 30 minute video for Christian Climate Action in which rebels explain why they are engaging in non-violent direct ation.

This is a great video to play then follow with a time of open discussion. You can even invite a Christian Climate Action member to answer some Q&As if you like?

If this would be something you’re interested in doing, contact us.  If you’re confused with the tech side of things, we can help you with this!

Here’s Peter’s inspiring film:

Other Resources

We have a range of other presentations and teaching materials that you could use within your church on our Resources page.