Involve your Church

Churches across the UK are waking up to the climate emergency and are starting to understand about the consequences of failing to live righteously in relation to God’s creation. So, what are some of the ways that you can engage your church with the Climate Emergency?

Get Your Church taking climate action

Whether it’s some members of your church, or it’s your church as a whole – invite them to get involved in prayerful climate protest. This can be done by giving a notice at the church notices slot of your service, or by speaking to your church leader. Here are some examples of how you church can get involved:

  • Around every 6 months, Christian Climate Action get involved in a larger protests, alongside other protest groups. There is often a carnival atmosphere to these events and can be good things to invite churches to. The most recent one of these larger protests was called The Big One, and churches from across the UK attended.
  • If there is a CCA local or regional group near you, you can contact your local group and explore whether a protest or vigil could be held that your church could join in. Alternatively, you can contact and we can help with the arranging of a local vigil or action near you for your church.
  • Check out the events page, to see if there are any things upcoming that your church can join in with.
  • There are a number of Earth Vigils across the UK, which is where people of faith hold vigils outside a place of ecological significance. Your church would be welcome to join in with one of these Earth Vigils.

Hold an Engagement event at your church

Invite a CCA speaker: There are many members of Christian Climate Action who speak compellingly about the climate crisis and our mandates as Christians to protect God’s creation. If you would like to hold a talk at your church, please contact us and we will try to make this possible.

Host a film night: One way of reaching out within your church community can be by holding a climate film night. You could even open up the event to your wider parish community, as a way of doing outreach. If physically holding an evening together within the church isn’t possible, we can help you host a film night online via Zoom.

Our very own Peter Armstrong is an amazing film maker and we have been blessed that he has made A Sacred Duty to Rebel, a 30 minute video for Christian Climate Action, in which rebels explain why they are engaging in non-violent protest.

This is a great video to play, and can follow with a time of open discussion. You can also invite a Christian Climate Action member to answer some Q&As if you like?

If this would be something you’re interested in doing, contact us.  If you’re confused with the tech side of things, we can help you with this!

Here’s Peter’s inspiring film:

Others ways of Churches getting involved

Christian Climate Action has put together a guidance document outlining ways in which you can call your church to action against Climate Change. This is not calling your church to be an “eco-church”, although that is important. This is asking your church to speak prophetically into a world that needs to hear the truth about the Climate Emergency, to provide pastoral support to those who are experiencing eco-anxiety and grief and standing by those who are taking Non-Violent Direct Action and Civil Disobedience to draw attention to the crisis that faces us all.

Access the guidance document

Other Resources

We have a range of other presentations and teaching materials that you could use within your church on our Resources page.