Tackling this climate emergency is not something that any of us are perfect for. We get involved because we have asked ourselves the question “if not me, then who?”

In the same way, the training that we do as Christian Climate Action is not perfect, but it is a way that we can grow together and become more equipped for the journey ahead.

There are different types of training that you as a group or individual may want:

Christian Climate Action training:

If you want to attend a Christian Climate Action training day, the best thing to do is to have a look on our Events page to see if we have any coming up.

We would also love to hear if you are willing to run your own Christian Climate Action training day. You can email us at so that we can support you in this and potentially send along a speaker.

Here is a suggested agenda for the day (CCA Training Day suggested Agenda). If a whole day feels like too long for you don’t worry – a shorter training event is just as good.

These are examples of the types of talks that you may want to include:

Martin Newell speaking on how Jesus calls us to carry out non-violent direct action:

Martin Newell speaking on non-violent direct action as a mechanism of change and it’s core principles:

Non-violent Direct Action training:

As said above, for non-violent direct action training we direct people to the Extinction Rebellion training webpage. To give you a flavour of what this might entail, this is a video of a non-violent direction action training day that Extinction Rebellion delivered for Christian Climate Action London (filmed by Wilf Parsons):

Training for specific roles: 

There are different support roles which are needed for non-violent direct action to be effective, such as Legal Observers and Arrestee Support. If you would like to be part of Christian Climate Action by carrying out one of these support roles, please do attend an Extinction Rebellion training session to get yourself equipped and then get in touch so that we can plug you in to the team in Christian Climate Action coordinating this.