Flyers, posters and graphics

Download and print flyer


We’ve produced a flyer with a call to action to Christians to step up and do something meaningful about the climate emergency. People often ask if they can print it and use it themselves, and of course the answer is yes. Please do print copies and give them out wherever you can. In fact we’re counting on your help to get the word out, and the rebels in – thank you!

Download and print posters

Your kingdom come poster (3)

We have also created a number of simple posters which you can print and use at actions or outreach events.

Bible quote posters (such as the poster shown to the left)

Posters saying Christian Climate Action 

You will see that on some of the Christian Climate Action posters we have left a space, so that you can you can write the name of your local group on and details of how people can get in touch.

Make your own

If you want to make your own materials, there are all kinds of XR resources to download here. Download the CCA logos below if you’d like to use them.


Following his Saturday Session presentation on an a mobilisation action that can be undertaken by individuals at their own church, Martin Jarvis has provided the materials including the graphic for ’The Crucified Planet’ and suggestions for a leaflet. These can be downloaded here.