Examples of CCA Actions

Members of Christian Climate Action take action in many different ways. Some choose to take part in marches, some choose to hold prayerful vigils, some choose to be creative in their protest and some choose to engage in civil disobedience. Whichever way you feel able to contribute to the climate movement, we would love for you to email christianclimateaction@gmail.com to discuss how to make that possible.

You can find the most up-to-date reports of what Christian Climate Action is up to on our News and Comment page, but below are just some video examples of actions we have taken in the past.

Vigil for the Victims of Climate Change – February 2020

This Christian Climate Action vigil outside Church House, London, called for radical action by the Church of England in the face of the climate catastrophe that’s killing children in their tens of thousands around the world.

Later that day the synod voted for a net zero 2030 target.

Extinction Rebellion Communion Service – October 2019

Members of Christian Climate Action held a communion service in the midst of an Extinction Rebellion in London.

See also this video of the same event produced by Extinction Rebellion.

Christian Climate Action Joining with Extinction Rebellion at the October 2019 Rebellion

Video by Peter Musgrave giving some on-the-ground perspectives of the October 2019 Rebellion.

Holding a silent vigil

As well as prayerful protests we also hold vigils. Some contain spoken prayer or singing of Taize chants. However many are silent. Every Wednesday, a group of Christians pray together in vigil outside of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. Vanessa Elston explains that for her this is part of calling upon a spiritual awakening to what we are doing to God’s creation. If you would like to get involved in the Wednesday vigil, email christianclimateaction@gmail.com

Taking Faith Bridge – October 2019

This video shows Christian Climate Action on “Faith Bridge” (Lambert Bridge) on Day One of the International Rebellion. CCA co-ordinated this occupation of the Bridge, creating a multi-faith oasis of peace, prayer and worship over the Thames, together with XR Muslims, XR Jews and XR Buddhists.

Like all the protest sites, it was planned that the bridge would include a small village of tents providing food, information, first aid, etc. Prayer flags were made by churches around the country and brought to decorate the space and a garden was created with donated plants. It was also intended that the centrepiece of the “village”, would be an ark. Read the story of Faith Bridge Ark here.

Die-in at Bicester Village – July 2019

Christian Climate Action protesters, carried out a “die-in” in Bicester Village shopping centre – a place known for its selling of luxury shopping brands.

Members of the group held a sign on the main pathway running through the complex, which read “Climate breakdown: we remember all people killed by new extremes of weather”. Other members of the group laid on the path, representing communities who have been killed by disasters around the world. Each person had a sign around their neck detailing the location of the disaster and the number killed as a result.