prayer-for-climate-griefWe want to be able to support your own climate action and Christian witness. There will be more resources coming soon – let us know what would be useful.

New – a communal prayer for climate grief.

A communal prayer and activity for reflecting on climate grief. More resources on climate grief are on their way.

More resources:

As CCA has played a role in Extinction Rebellion, we have been able to reflect on the specific contribution that Christians can make.

When taking action, we often use liturgies, prayers, declarations or litanies that can be read or performed. Here are some of them:



Sermons on non-violent direct action: No ordinary time – Holly Petersen on non-violent direct action and modern day prophecy, at St Luke’s Holloway. Deborah and Jael, a female leader and activist, by Rachie Ross at Fairfield Church. Stirrers and shakers – Alison Moulden on how Rowan Williams changed her mind about civil disobedience, at All … Continue reading Sermons

A prayer for climate grief

CCA members have been working on some church resources recently. This is a communal prayer for climate grief, inspired by Hannah Malcolm. You can read it below, or download the file to print out in A4. Let us know how you use it and how it goes. Download (pdf)