time to act fc

We want to be able to support your climate action and Christian witness. One way we do this is by providing resources that you can request and use.

If there are specific resources not on this website, that you think would be helpful, please contact us and let us know what would be useful.

One of our most popular resources is our book, Time to Act available now from SPCK. It includes essays, sermons, poetry, and stories from dozens of CCA members and guest contributors. Here are links to some other popular resources, but scroll down for lots more materials.

A presentation to deliver to Christian audiences

A range of Christian Climate Action flyers can be delivered to you on request

The CCA songbook

Video: Should Christians get involved in direct action?

Teaching and Sermons

Collected talks and sermons on non violent direct action and the climate emergency.

Church Presentations

Presentation and video materials on climate emergency and non-violent direct action to use in your church.

CCA Books

CCA publications including Time to Act and the CCA Songbook