Personal Stories

Christian Climate Action members talk about their personal experiences of action on the street and appearing in court.

I fight with all my being for my four grandchildren in this situation of existential danger. And I am a Christian who cares for the Earth as God’s Creation; and for the world’s poorest peoples whose experience of injustice draws a special love from God.” CCA’s Phil Kingston.

Holly – Why I Rebel

In this video, by the Progressive Christian Network, Christian Climate Action member Holly Peterson breaks down in tears as she explains why, as a Christian, she has decided to take action.

Steven Croft, Bishop of Oxford describes it as ‘powerful and moving.’

Ruth Valerio, Global Advocacy and Influencing Director at Tearfund states ‘this is a strong call to action on the biggest issue of our time.’

Phil – 82-Year-Old Rebel

The story of Christian Climate Action member Phil Kingston who, now aged 82, has been arrested for nonviolent civil disobedience multiple times.

Rebekah – First Time on the Street With CCA

Rebekah holding a placard in the street

Read this account by Rebekah of how she found taking part in the September 2020 Rebellion.

It was her first time getting involved with a nonviolent direct action group.

Ruth – My Section 14 Trial

In this video, Ruth Jarman, with added comment from CCA member and former lawyer Melanie Nazareth, talks about her court trial following her arrest at Oxford Circus for a Section 14 violation in April 2019.

Read Ruth’s full account of the trial here.

Brother Finian – How I found XR

Brother Finian in London

Read Brother Finian’s story of how he became involved as a protester with Extinction Rebellion.

Mike – On Friday We Were Everywhere

Mike Bushell on the streets with a placard

Mike Bushnell shares his experience of supporting one of the Global Climate Strikes held by school children one Friday in 2019.

Phil – The Struggle Continues

When Phil Kingston from Christian Climate Action was arrested at XR’s action at the Treasury in 2019, it was for the seventh time.

Extinction Rebellion activists sprayed HM Treasury with fake blood in protest at the funding of fossil fuel exploration and carbon intensive projects.

As a grandfather in his 80s why does he do it? In this video Phil speaks about what motivates him to action.

Reggie (85) – Why I Got Involved in XR

Sam – In Court, Exactly Where I’m Meant to Be

Sam Lindo

Read Samantha Lindo’s account of her experience of court, pleading guilty and speaking the truth.

Helen – Reflecting on the Easter Rebellion 2019

Helen facing the police

Revd Helen Burnett shares her experience of being a visibly Christian rebel at the Easter 2019 Rebellion.

Helen is Assistant Priest in the Caterham Team Ministry and a member of the Council of Modern Church. This article first appeared in Modern Church’s newsletter: Signs of the Times.

Ruth – Police Cell Journal

Ruth Jarman

When CCA member, Ruth Jarman, was arrested in November 2019 as part of her involvement in Extinction Rebellion, she decided to keep a journal documenting her time in custody, so that others could have some idea of what it was like.

Read Ruth’s reflections here.

Phil – We’ve Lost our Way

A video of Phil Kingston (82) who was interviewed mid-action in 2018.

Here, Phil talks about the seriousness of the situation that faces us.

View videos of actions led by Christian Climate Action members.