Sermons and reflections

Sermons on non-violent direct action:

  • No ordinary time – Holly Petersen on non-violent direct action and modern day prophecy, at St Luke’s Holloway. (Text here – pdf)
  • Deborah and Jael, a female leader and activist, by Rachie Ross at Fairfield Church.
  • Stirrers and shakers – Alison Moulden on how Rowan Williams changed her mind about civil disobedience, at All Saints Guildford.
  • Series on Revelation – “We are living in a time of climate crisis which requires extensive action to prevent disaster of an apocalyptic proportion”. A three part series drawing on the book of Revelation in a context of climate crisis, by Jon Swales St George’s Leeds.

Sermons on the climate emergency:

  • Rebel for life – Climate change and the book of Exodus – Liz McKelvey at St Luke’s and Emmanuel.
  • Can these bones live? An Easter message from Jeremy Williams, delivered at the Extinction Rebellion camp at Marble Arch.

Reflections and essays: