Teaching and Sermons

As Christians, it’s important that the actions we are taking are theologically grounded. This page has a range of videos, written pieces and external links, on the topic of climate, non-violent direct action and civil disobedience.

Saturday Sessions

Christian Climate Action teachings sessions, looking at issues related to NVDA and seeking to find a biblical perspective, are held online most Saturday mornings at 11.00am and are a focal point for Christian Climate Action members.   Our archive of videos or transcripts from these sessions can be found on our Saturday Reflections page.

Sermons and Reflections on Non-Violent Direct Action

  • No ordinary time – Holly Petersen on non-violent direct action and modern day prophecy, at St Luke’s Holloway. (Text here – pdf)
  • Stirrers and Shakers – Alison Moulden on how Rowan Williams changed her mind about civil disobedience, at All Saints Guildford.
  • Should the Church be rebelling about Climate Change? Jane Andrews and Ruth Jarman from Christian Climate Action spoke at St Mary Aldermary church this September. Their talk covers science, theology, and the urgency of the present moment – with a Q+A at the end.
  • Series on Revelation – “We are living in a time of climate crisis which requires extensive action to prevent disaster of an apocalyptic proportion”. A three part series drawing on the book of Revelation in a context of climate crisis, by Jon Swales St George’s Leeds.
  • Is Non-violent direct action theologically justified? Click here for an answer written by John Clements and Thalia Carr.
  • Nehemiah, Citizens’ Assemblies and the Church of XR – David Jenkins explores what the Book of Nehemiah might have to say about Citizen’s Assemblies, climate activism and the Church today.

Sermons on the Climate Emergency

  • Rebel for life – Climate change and the book of Exodus – Liz McKelvey at St Luke’s and Emmanuel.
  • Can these bones live? – An Easter message from Jeremy Williams, delivered at the Extinction Rebellion camp at Marble Arch.

Reflections and Essays

Climate and Colour

Climate and Colour – Video of an event held on the 7th July by Christian Climate Action, alongside HeartEdge and Young Christian Climate Network.  This event reflected on white privilege, a history of institutionalised racism in the church and the racial lens through which we view climate change, feel grief and plan action. It invited people to journey further into understanding and dismantling pervasive racism to create a more just world and a diverse and united climate movement.

See also the Climate and Colour Series in the Saturday Reflections Archive.