Three reapers with scythes outside KCC

Call to Kent County Council to divest from fossil fuels

Members of CCA in Kent have collaborated with XR groups on a video that highlights Kent County Council’s toxic investment of pension funds into fossil fuels.

To date, the Council has invested circa £350M of pension funds in fossil fuel industries and continues to do so, despite approving a declaration of Climate Emergency in May 2019. The video – which can be viewed below – features death-like figures with scythes outside the Council’s administrative centre in Maidstone and calls on the council to stop fossil fuel investment immediately.

CCA members based in Kent are encouraged to sign and share an e-petition which demands that “We the undersigned petition the council to immediately halt further investment in fossil fuels and to make an emergency plan to fully divest within 5 years.”

Kate Chesterman, a CCA member who has been involved in creating the video said: “We wanted a clear, graphic visual image to get through to councillors that these investments are causing real and irreversible harm.  There is real irony about investing pension funds, which are intended to support people in older age, into something which ultimately threatens everyone’s future.”

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