Camino to COP reaches Glasgow on 30th October

Melanie Nazareth from Christian Climate Action has been walking with Camino to COP. She set off from London in September and will reach Glasgow on 30th October. Here she explains how you can get involved in the Camino’s final day and in the Earth Vigil taking place during COP.

The Camino To COP will reach Glasgow on Saturday after nearly eight weeks, 450 miles and hundreds of conversations. Walking to Glasgow to raise awareness of the climate crisis and demand a fair deal at COP26 for the Global South, the people’s walk for the planet has touched hearts and minds along its route. 

If you are in Glasgow, the Camino walkers would love it if you would join them walking to Glasgow Green for all or some of this last leg of the walk leaving St Joseph’s RC Church, Blantyre at 8am. The provisional route can be found here and will be finalised and posted on the website the night before. 

If you can’t join the walk into Glasgow from Blantyre, the pilgrims are inviting you to gather at Glasgow Green on Saturday 30th October to officially welcome the walkers from the Camino and other groups, including YCCN’s Rise To The Moment relay, to Glasgow and for a family-friendly colourful procession through the streets of Glasgow. For the procession, we are linking with artists and indigenous leaders to create a unique and special event with a serious message to COP26 to walk the walk, especially for the Global South.

The timetable for the procession from Glasgow Green to George Square is:

14:00: Food served to the pilgrims

14.30: Start to assemble

15.00: Pilgrim’s Procession starts – through the McLennan Arch, along Clyde Street, into Enoch Square, up Buchanan Street, turning right along Bath Street and down into George Square 

A minute’s silence on Buchanan Street at St Vincent Street

16.30 to 17.30: Final speeches 

A number of the pilgrims and other CCA members will then be taking part in the first XR Faith Bridge Earth Vigil at COP which will go through the night on Saturday 30th.We will be based at St George’s Tron for this night only and will gather for a simple opening at 11pm after which we will hold the indoor space in silent prayer from which, at intervals small groups will prayer walk the perimeter of the Blue Zone. We will close the night vigil between 7 and 8am by leaving the church together and moving with the ‘Coat of Hopes’ and the Camino To COP banners to the entrance to the Blue Zone before we disperse. 

The Earth Vigils will continue each day from 11 am to 5pm both in-person and online, which means you can turn up at any time during COP and join the wave of prayer and meditation either online or in person.

Silence in the context of conference is unusual and that is part of its power it is also something held in common across all faith traditions bringing us together in a very powerful way. You are welcome to join us whenever you can, for as long as you can, and please do promote this within your church community. There will be daily updates on location at the Glasgow Quaker Meeting House and on Telegram, more details on the website.  

XR Faith Bridge is also hosting a series of morning discussions at the Glasgow Quaker Meeting House, we’ve called this Coffee at COP.  You can see a list of the speakers here, but please book on the Eventbrite as we have limited capacity. The Alistair Macintosh Coffee at  COP ( Nov 3rd) is also available to watch on zoom. All links and full details can be found on the Earth Vigil website.

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