The Big One – This April

There’s something exciting on the horizon and it is called The Big One.

The biggest climate protest yet starts on April 21st 2023. We’re working to bring 100,000 people protesting outside the Houses of Parliament in London – directly taking our call for change to those in power. So if you have never attended a protest before, this is the one where you get to join in and create change. Churches, cell groups, families, friendship groups, knitting circles… They will all be there!

The protest is going to be at its biggest for the 4 days (the 21st to the 24th April). However the idea is that the protest will also continue after this.

Join Christian Climate Action as we take a stand against fossil fuel company greed – which is fuelling both the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis.

We are taking part in this protest alongside groups such as Extinction Rebellion. The ethos of the action is in line with a promise by Extinction Rebellion to move away from tactics which primarily disrupt the public and instead focus on those tactics which disrupt those in power and allow for mass participation. Information on the Extinction Rebellion website can be found here.

Will you be there? Make sure that you save this date and plan to take it off work if needed.

What will happen at The Big One?

Exciting plans are already being hatched, here’s a taster:

  • On the morning of Friday 21st there will be a prayerful pilgrimage into central London.
  • There will be a vigil on-going throughout The Big One – a quiet space where we can reflect on why we are there.
  • On Sunday, 3pm we are holding Eucharist outside in the open air.

Lots more exciting plans are in the pipeline so do keep checking back.

What is The Big One asking of the UK government?

The Big One protest has three asks…

Let’s get going!

The 100 days leading up to the protest are a powerful mobilisation push for us all. Get your thinking cap on and decide who you are going to invite to come along with you and what days you are going to get them along to. It falls on each of us to get the 100,000 people gathered to make our voices heard.

Christian Climate Action will be holding planning meetings on zoom in the lead up to The Big One. These will be held every Saturday morning at 10am. If you would like to join these, you can go so by registering in advance HERE.

Practical aspects you can help with:

  • If you know a Church based either within London or within an hours travel from London, please contact them and ask if they would be able to offer their Church floor for members of Christian Climate Action to sleep on at night with roll mats.
  • If you live within an hour from London city centre and can offer a space for some people to sleep – be that a floor, a sofa or a bed, do please let us know.

If you can help with either of the above, please email

We see this whole protest as worship to our Creator God. Thank you to everyone who is making this possible.

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