Greta Thunberg takes to Extinction Rebellion Stage with Pensioner Arrestee Phil Kingston

Today Greta Thunberg’s European tour took her to London where she delivered an impassioned and empowering speech to the Extinction Rebellion Protestors at the Marble Arch site.

Sixteen-year-old Greta entered the solar powered stage with 83-year-old Phil Kingston – an ex-parole officer from Bristol who has been arrested multiple times for the Extinction Rebellion protest.

Greta Phil 1

Mr Kingston, a devout Catholic who takes part in the protest under the banner of Christian Climate Action, said to the crowds, “This economy has to be replaced by a very different one – one with two aims: care for a regeneration of the earth, and the common good of all people with no one excluded.

“This must include those who we regard as our enemies. Be in no doubt we will be opposed by very strong forces. They have the power but we have something better: authority that is based on love and truth. My longing is for my grandchildren and their security. We are going to continue, we will build on it and others will follow. God bless you all.”

Phil had earlier replied to a text from a Christian Climate Action member asking his plans to say he was having “a quiet day”.

It was members of Christian Climate Action who had been responsible for securing the stage at the Marble Arch site at the beginning of the week. On its arrival, members of the group attached themselves to the underneath of the converted lorry, so that it could not be removed by police. This included 77-year-old Rev Sue Parfitt, 80-year-old Sheila Collins and 72-year-old Genny Scherer, who locked themselves to the underneath of the lorry with metal chains.


Photo credits: Christian Climate Action 

For more information call Phil Kingston on 07790 818699

Or Holly on 07748 092096

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