Three Christians face up to two years in prison

Three members of Christian Climate Action are in court for taking part in climate protests. This includes a retired vicar Rev Sue Parfitt, who is 79 years old. Their cases are being heard by a judge, and if found guilty, they face up to two years in prison. Holly Petersen from London says ‘they are making such a huge sacrifice. That would be two years away from children, family and loved ones.’

Rev Sue and Ruth Jarman, 58, had their cases heard today, with sentencing due to take place tomorrow. Dr Ben Buse, 36, will have his case heard tomorrow.

Members of CCA travelled to the court to support those standing trial. It can be an emotional experience standing trial and so members of CCA were keen to let them know that they are supported and loved. Rev Mark Coleman from Rochdale was one of those supporting at the court building. He said that he is ‘grateful for their courage and faithfulness’.

Ruth Jarman 58, is a chemist from Odiham and a mother of three – ‘I cannot stand by and watch the wholesale destruction of God’s one beautiful earth and my children’s future without trying to respond in a way that is commensurate with the severity of the crisis.’

One thought on “Three Christians face up to two years in prison

  1. ramnageo says:

    All we can do is what we must do – and that is to acknowledge that the suffering that these three might be forced to endure is taking our suffering upon them, for we are all complicit in climate inaction. It reminds me of a certain 33-year-old who did something similar two millennia ago…..


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