The Victorian Society blocking eco-churches

In November of this year, a piece in Christianity Today outlined a story of a vicar in north London who has had his application for solar panels on the roof of his Church blocked by the Victorian Society. There has been shock and frustration about this from the congregation and the wider public, leading to a follow up piece being issued in The Church Times.

The Young Christian Climate Network responded to the solar panels being blocked by saying ‘ As a group of young Christians, we want to see the church prioritising the climate crisis with the urgency it merits. This is not only about our future, but about our brothers and sisters across the world in climate-vulnerable countries, who are already suffering the terrible effects of climate change. We want to be proud of the church, and see it standing up for justice and in solidarity by doing everything possible – even when it’s not the easy option.’

Since this publication of these pieces, CCA have heard from other Churches who have had green aspects blocked – and even of one Church having bike rack installation blocked. This is clearly a problem that has impacted many different churches and stands in stark contrast to the Church of England’s own stated goal of going net-zero by 2030.

Christians have voices their concerns regarding the Victorian Society, such as Drew who has written a letter to the Victorian Society

This is also an issue which goes beyond the Christian world, as victorian buildings go across our society, such as schools and other public buildings.

We are planning on taking this issue forward as CCA. If this is something that you would like to get more involved in please contact us on

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